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The ER is presenting an exciting calendar of events for 2017-2018. Check back here to find out what is happening and register online.  Refer to the ER's refund policy which applies to all meetings (except the Annual Conference).


Coming Events


Postdocs, PhDs and MSc research

Collaborating, working & studying with us -
Our research focuses on the angiogenesis related and other major diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity, ageing and nerve and muscle disease. The cancers under study include glioblastoma, brain, breast, prostate, melanoma, colon, head and neck and liver
We provide opportunities for students enrolled at any university in courses including: Bachelor of Science with Honours; Bachelor of Medical Science; relevant masters programs; and PhD studies.
If you are interested in a student project or volunteering for laboratory experience, please contact the Laboratory Headwith whom you would like to work. 

Student scholarships
The EMAN RESEARCH offers a number of prestigious scholarships to support high achieving students wanting to further their career in medical research.
Students enrol for their degree through a Australian & Malaysian university and undertake their research at the EMAN Research under the supervision of a EMAN's researcher.
Information about our areas of research and prospective supervisors can be found under our research.
Click here to see a list of external scholarships you could apply for. 

Postgraduate research applications and training
The postgraduate research training is also available at EMAN RESEARCH..

For more information
Send your questions to support@emanresearch.org


ONE-online Angio Edu
The ONE-online - a sub-group of the ER - continues to build on the renowned resources available through ONE-online Angio Edu, the online angiogenesis education portal.  The aim of ONE-online Angio Edu is to bring all angiogenesis related online education to the ONE-online Angio Edu place that requires one web address and one password to provide you with a one stop shop for quality peer reviewed online education.
With the launch, we are planning to be partnered with Australian National university to bring you a range of angiogenesis specific online learning.  In the future we plan to partner with other organisations to develop further online modules to support your continuing professional development.

The ONE-online Angio Edu portal is your gateway to peer reviewed angiogenesis education on the internet and is the culmination of collaborative work between academicians, students, health professionals and organisations with a passion for angiogenesis education throughoutthe world.


2018 annual conference
EMAN RESEARCH is pleased to announce that the 2018 ER Annual Conference will be held in the Malaysia and Australia. Interested students, professionals and sponsors, please contact with ER office for details through support@emanresearch.org


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EMAN RESEARCH is pleased to announce that the 2018 ER Annual Conference will be held in the Malaysia and Australia. Interested students, professionals and sponsors, please contact with ER office for details through support@emanresearch.org



The ER’s education webinars are available exclusively to members. You, our members, told us that distance and family commitments can make attending face-to-face education events difficult at times. In response, we have initiated a program of educational webinars.

Webinars are live, fully online events, which means that you can attend them from wherever you are, whether that is at home, at work, or anywhere in the world with internet access!

You don’t need any special equipment or technical skills to attend and participate in a webinar. All the equipment that you need is a computer that has internet access and sound. Prior to the webinar, you will receive an email with a unique link to the webinar. You just need to click on the link at the appropriate time, and there you are!
Although you can see the presenter, they can’t see you. You can, however, interact with them and other webinar participants via the online chat box. Just type in your question or comment, and the presenter will provide a verbal response.

The presenter may also use in-room polls or other interactive tools during the webinar.
Participants who have registered and paid for the event, will receive a recording of the presentation a day or two after the webinar, along with the PowerPoint slides. This means that you can watch and listen to the presentation again, in case you missed anything. 

We know that sometimes your plans change, and you may not be able to attend a webinar that you have registered for. Sometimes a webinar may be scheduled at a time that you are not available. This is not an issue! If you have registered and paid for the webinar, you will still receive the recording and slides if you could not attend.

For those who log-in during the webinar, you will receive a certificate of attendance with your credited CPD hours. If you are unable to log-in at the event time you can log the education as self-directed learning.
We are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that we provide an impressive line-up of presenters who are experts in the renal field. Take a look at our events calendar and watch your email inbox to find out about our upcoming webinars.

We hope to see you online at one of our webinars soon!
Please contact our office for the details of up-next webiners through this E-mail address: support@emanresearch.org



Special interest groups
ER is planning to promote a standardised, and evidence based approach to angiogenesis education and affordable drug discovery network that aims to avoid the duplication of resources while also encouraging knowledge and technology sharing between organisations. These inter-organisational partnerships support clinicians caring for people with scientist throughout world including those in remote and disaffected communities.