The EMAN RESEARCH is a multi-disciplinary organisation of individual members. Membership is open to academicians, students, industrialist, nurses, social workers, dietitians, technicians, unit managers, and other healthcare professionals working with people with angiogenesis related disease, drug discovery and research.

Currently you can access all the benefits of membership as either an Ordinary (Individual) or Corporate member. Please note that these categories are presently under review and additional options are likely to be available from early 2018.

When you publish, edit, or peer review with our journal, you become part of a community that will support you and enable you to share research with a relevant global audience. This way, together, we maximize the impact, reach, and visibility of your research. 

Our journals service niche and broader communities of researchers all over the world. They would not be the useful and impactful publications they are without the expert researchers that publish in them.

All of our journals are handled by dedicated Editors who are active in the specific communities they serve and are discoverable in the world's leading scientific indexes.

We value and trust our peer reviewers from across the globe who help ensure that the research published in our journals is of the highest quality it can be.

Here, you can find out everything you need to know about being an Author, Editor or Reviewer at our journal.